Danzante Chianti

Winemaker's Notes

Deep ruby colour. The aroma is intense with elegant floral notes, particularly sweet violets, followed by fruity fragrances of dried plum and dark cherry. Concludes with spicy nuances of roasted espresso bean, notes of vanilla, and black liquorice. The palate shows excellent structure and balance with delicate, soft tannins. The finish is long, with an aftertaste of wild berries

Vineyards & Grapes

Sangiovese is the main component of Chianti, one of Italy's best known wines. Our Sangiovese grapes originate in the hills between the Provinces of Siena and Florence within the renowned Chianti area of Tuscany. This area is known for a warm, sunny growing season with substantial temperature differential between day and night. Such conditions produce flavorful, rich grapes. The vines that produce our Sangiovese grapes are grown in the "traditional Tuscany upturned" system, a variation on the "Guyot" system. The wines are positioned to point south, which contributes to the complete maturation of the fruit. The cultivation of Sangiovese in Tuscany can be traced back through the centuries to ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, the word Sangiovese is derived from the Latin "Sanguis Jovis," or the blood of Jupiter.

Fermentation & Aging

The grapes were harvested upon full maturation during the middle of September. The wine was vinified using an average maceration time of 8 to 10 days. Temperature was controlled (28-29°C) during the fermentation to encourage the release of attractive tannins and to develop a clear ruby color, while maintaining the rich fruit aromas characteristic of the Sangiovese grape. After fermentation, the wine was kept in stainless steel temperature controlled tanks until May.


Appellation: DOCG Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita 
Vineyard Location: Chianti Area, Tuscany
Growing System: Cordon-trained, spur-pruned vines
Time of Harvest: September
Serving Temperature: 60-65 degrees
Acidity:  4.7 g/l
pH: 3.43
Residual Sugar: 1.7 g/l
Alcohol: 12.5%