The Story

Live Danzante, live the Italian way of life

Danzante Italia is an alluring wine story with a warm soul, its passion and openness naturally revealing the taste of Italian heritage and charm. As a contemporary wine collection conceived to praise daily moments, it will move the senses of all wine lovers who wish to experience a one-of-a-kind feeling of joy and delight.
Live our heritage, discover Danzante’s history and wine-making.

The Heritage

A contemporary wine collection with a local appeal

Embodying profound wine-making knowledge and dedication to quality, Danzante wines come to life through precious collaborations with local wine growers from renowned production areas in Italy. Attentively selected along a 20-year-long journey, each and every one of them guarantees a heartfelt approach to production, crafting products distinguished by authentic Italian winemaking expertise.

The Wine-Making

A careful selection from the best Italian wine regions

The beautiful Tuscan landscape is the traditional cradle of the variety at the base of our Danzante Chianti and Toscana Rosso, while the Tre Venezie region provides us with the lush selection for our Danzante Pinot Grigio white wine and Prosecco. In these areas, we commit to sourcing the vineyards based on the superior quality and flavor of the grapes they offer. Through dedicated wine-tasting sessions, our enologists then go on to elect the most exquisite ones destined for our cellar, where they are artfully processed to become Danzante Italia.