DOCG - 2021

Winemaker's notes

A homage to traditional Tuscan enology and flavorful Sangiovese grapes, the Danzante Chianti comes to life as a fascinating wine with a deep color and an intense personality defined by an engaging elegance.


The grapes come from the Chianti area and, more precisely, from vineyards with an optimal southern exposure. The soil is well-drained and of a stony nature. The climate is temperate. During the summer there are generally sunny days and substantial variations in temperature between day and night.

Variety: Sangiovese and complementary varieties


The grapes were harvested in mid-September. The average maceration time was around 8/10 days. The fermentation temperatures were kept constantly between 28 and 29 ° C (82.4 - 84.2 ° F) in order to guarantee a good polyphenolic extraction, maintaining the aromatic typicality of Sangiovese. Subsequently, the wine remained in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, before reaching bottling.


Danzante Chianti has an intense ruby red colour. The bouquet is characterised by elegant floral notes, such as violet and hints of red fruits. There is a hint of roasted coffee beans and licorice on the finish. The palate has a structure that balances well with the delicate tannic texture. The ending is long. The taste-olfactory correspondence is stunning.

Cultivation System

Spurred cordon


Chianti DOCG

alcohol content

12,5 %

technical information

Harvest: mid-September
Total acidity: 5.2 g/l
pH: 3.5
Residual sugars: 3.1 g/l