In the beating heart of summer, the Strawberry Cup emerges as a symphony of flavors, a cocktail that celebrates freshness and an explosion of color. Imagine a clear goblet filled with the vibrancy of white wine, the effervescence of prosecco, the purity of vodka and the sweetness of strawberries, creating a sensory experience that speaks directly to the summer soul.
Each ingredient plays a key role: white wine, with its structure, blends with the lightness of prosecco, while strawberry vodka infuses an intensity that awakens the senses. The strawberries not only adorn the drink but soak into the liquid, releasing their unmistakable flavor and turning each sip into a moment of pure joy.
The Strawberry Cup is not simply a cocktail, it is an ode to summer, an invitation to slow down and savor life. Perfect for an aperitif under blue skies or an evening with friends, this long drink is a promise of unforgettable moments, where time seems to stand still and the flavors of summer dance together in a refreshing embrace.

Unique aromas for the perfect fruity cocktail made with Danzante’s White Wines

The Strawberry Cup is an ode to refinement, where each ingredient is chosen for its ability to create a harmony of flavors. At the center of this taste symphony we find the Danzante White Wine Pinot Grigio, whose crystalline freshness and ethereal lightness are the perfect prelude to the following notes. This wine, with its liveliness and delicate structure, goes beautifully with the delightfulness of the strawberries, creating a perfect balance between sweet and tart.
When the Danzante Prosecco DOC comes into play, the cocktail is transformed: its lively bubbles and enticing aromas add a complexity that enchants the palate. Prosecco, with its sparkling character and delicate aromas, elevates the Strawberry Cup, giving it a distinctive personality and an unforgettable sensory experience.
The fusion of these elements – the freshness of white wine and the effervescence, the perlage of prosecco – creates a cocktail that is more than a drink: it is an experience. A sip of the Strawberry Cup with White Wine and Danzante Prosecco is not just a gesture of toasting, but a journey through the flavors that define summer, a moment of pure pleasure that lingers in the memory.

A Refreshing Cocktail for your Italian Aperitivo Hour

The Italian aperitivo is a social ritual steeped in tradition, a moment of conviviality that anticipates dinner, celebrating the flavors and art of good living. The Strawberry Cup fits into this context as a protagonist of excellence, embodying the perfect harmony between innovation and tradition. Its blend of fresh strawberries and vodka, enriched by the sweetness of the fruit and the purity of the alcohol, creates a combination of flavors that awakens the palate.
Imagine enjoying this cocktail while small savory bites, such as salmon canapés or caprese skewers, accompany each sip, enhancing the drink’s freshness and liveliness. It is a sensory experience that stimulates the senses, preparing them for an evening of tasting and celebration.
In conclusion, the Strawberry Cup is not just a cocktail, but a taste journey that enriches the aperitivo experience, making it an unforgettable moment in the Italian culinary scene. It is an invitation to discover and celebrate the beauty of life through flavors, an adventure that will remain etched in the memory as an authentic Italian journey of taste.

Crafting Harmony: Mixing the Perfect Strawberry Cup Cocktail

The art of mixology is fully expressed in the creation of the Strawberry Cup and it is an excellent example of how various flavors can blend harmoniously: the distinctive aromas of Danzante White Wine and the effervescence of Danzante Prosecco combine to create a delicious symphony of flavor and an ode to summer.

Follow these steps to blend the ingredients harmoniously to create a masterpiece of flavor:


    • 750ml Danzante Pinot Grigio
    • 750ml Danzante Prosecco
    • 1 dl Strawberry Vodka
    • 600g fresh strawberries
    • ice cubes


  1. Strawberry Preparation: Arrange 600 g fresh strawberries in a punch bowl, letting their vibrant color anticipate the magic that is about to happen.
  2. Infuse with vodka: Pour 1 dl of strawberry vodka over the strawberries and let them infuse in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. This process allows the strawberries to release their intense sweet flavor, blending perfectly with the vodka.
  3. Add the White Wine: Remove the bowl from the refrigerator and carefully add 750ml of Danzante Pinot Grigio. The freshness and crispness of the white wine will blend with the infusion, preparing the palate for a multi-sensory experience.
  4. Serve: Fill glasses with ice to taste and pour in the strawberry-wine mix. Finally, top with 750ml of Danzante Prosecco, adding that sparkling touch that turns each sip into a summer symphony of flavors.