Watermelon Refresher


Remove the rind from the slice of watermelon and, in a tall glass, muddle the watermelon and sugar until liquefied. 

Add the pineapple juice, vodka and Pinot Grigio to a shaker filled with ice and shake.

Using a strainer, pour cocktail into a glass and garnish with a skewer of 2-3 watermelon cubes and a sprig of mint.

*Tip: To keep your drink cold, freeze some cubed watermelon and use as a replacement for ice.

Want to make your watermelon refresher ahead of time?  You can mix the juice and keep refrigerated for up to a week. 

Blend 2 cups of watermelon with one cup of pineapple juice, using a strainer remove the pulp.  

When you are ready to enjoy, pour into a tall glass, add Danzante Pinot Grigio, vodka and relax!

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