Entertaining Tips

Entertaining guests can be both enjoyable and stressful. In the end, it's not the food or the atmosphere that your guests will remember - it's you, the host. Let Danzante help you out few ways to ensure that both you and your guests enjoy the event.

Hosting 101

Invite people that you can relax around.

Plan ahead! Create a checklist of everything you will need weeks in advance. Finish all of your shopping a couple days in advance and decorate the day before.

If you plan on having floral arrangements or candles on display, make sure they are unscented or have a very subtle fragrance so as to not overpower the room.

When people ask "What can I help with?" give them something to do. From pouring wine and handing out silverware to putting out appetizers, giving guests a task will help to relieve any stress you may have.

Offer some kind of small party favor for your guests. Box up leftover food or hand out small gift bags - whatever works. It is nice for your guests to never leave empty handed.

Remember that entertaining is fun and you as a host determine the mood of the evening. So relax, sit back, and enjoy your party.

Preparing The Menu

Buy wine weeks in advance and try it out if you’re scared it will not fit with the food or mood.

Ask guests for any dietary restrictions that they might have when they RSVP to your event. If you are unsure of what to serve, ask for guests' preference.

Always make extra food in case there are any unexpected guests.

Offer various alternatives to every option on the table. This may include vegetarian options and non-alcoholic beverages.

Never skimp on the wine or drinks. It is always better to over-buy, or ask people to bring more, then to run out of drinks at a party.

Stock up on drinks in advance and count on at least 3 drinks per person throughout the night. Offer wine charms as a way for guests to distinguish their glasses from others.