Brunch Essential: Prosecco Mimosa Bar!

Some of my fondest memories growing up in Italy are rooted in the Italian tradition of always eating meals together. Whether it be with friends or family, we hardly ever eat meals alone. Ever since I was young, I remember my mom always having wine on the table for every meal: lunch, dinner, you name it. This became ingrained in me, almost like a table does not feel set without wine or loved ones. To me, this sense of togetherness and wine with our food are seamlessly blended into the Italian way of life. 

Danzante brunch food

While it may feel too early for a glass of red at brunch, Prosecco is always an easy go-to. Fun fact: Danzante is Italian for "dancing." Who else feels like dancing after their first glass of Prosecco?! Guilty! Here at Danzante we make our Prosecco to be fruity, extra dry and with persistent effervescence. Lasting perlage is ideal for ensuring the bubbles last throughout your meal or conversation. As we think Danzante Prosecco is perfect for brunch cocktails, we partnered with Camille of @charmedbycamille, Christine of @dailykongfidenceKelly of @she_went_west & Natasha of @noshwithtash to host the perfect friends brunch complete with a mimosa bar. Let's just say these ladies are pro at making mimosas!

Danzante Prosecco Mimosas

The mimosa bar had orange juice (the classic crowd favorite),  grapefruit juice (for those looking for a step outside the norm) and lemonade (for those of you that like some tart with your sweet.) A fun addition is to add blueberries or strawberries for your guests to add to their glasses. If you are hosting a longer get-together it is a good idea to place the Prosecco in ice buckets as it’s best served very chilled. Tip: pre-pour your juices into carafes and put them in the fridge before guests arrive for an instant, classy presentation. Pro tip: add cute DIY name tags to your carafes for an Insta worthy bar.

Danzante Prosecco mimosa bar brunch

Danzante Prosecco mimosa bar brunch

The table was decorated beautifully with amazing home décor and fresh food which complemented the mimosas perfectly. I hope you enjoy our Prosecco and can add some Italian tradition to your next family meal or friends brunch. Cheers!

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All photo credit goes to: Jordan Zobrist