Meet Lucia Minoggio, the author of your Lucia's Corner and Danzante Cellar Master.

Hello Everyone!

I'm excited to introduce myself as author of Lucia's Corner and Cellar Master at Danzante Wines.  I have a passion for wine making and dance which I believe go hand in hand.  Before my wine making career, I moved to Tuscany from Piedmont and danced as a ballerina in Florence for five years.  While I loved dancing, I longed to study winemaking.  Being from a family of wine-growers, my roots were calling me back home and I got my first taste of winemaking in Chianti Classico in 2001.  From there, I travelled around the world from New Zealand, France and California to learn more about wines of the world.  Although I loved travelling, once again, my roots were calling me back to Italy.  I have since been a part of the winemaking team here with Danzante working with wine growers from Italy's most renowned wine regions to bring you the Danzante Wines you know and love.  

My blended passion for both dance and wine is in perfect harmony with Danzante's collection of Italian wines that capture the Italian passion for life.  I look forward to sharing my life with you through Lucia's Corner to bring you a taste of  Italy and inspiration to Live Italia everyday.